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AdPro was originally designed in 1992 for the Daily Pennsylvanian. Because we have designed AdPro to be extremely simple to use, fast, and virtually bulletproof, it is an ideal system for newspapers with high staff turnover.

AdPro is now used all across the country to track ads for dailies, weeklies, online publications, magazines, yearbooks, phonebooks, shopping guides, outdoor media, and even TV and radio stations.

You can choose to have AdPro installed on one of your servers, or have us host your AdPro database for you.
Below are some of the powerful features AdPro can offer your publication.

Customer Entry Screen
Customer Entry Screen
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Integrated Ad Tracking

Consolidate Display and Classified Account Data
AdPro eliminates double-entry of clients because it shares customer data across your organization. You update data only once, without changing the information you don’t have permission to access. This allows you to market multiple products such as web, inserts, display ads, and classified ads to the same customer at the same time.

Display/Retail Ad Management
Schedule ads, check past activity, enter payments, change ad sizes, and add more run dates on the fly. Use real-time reports to show revenue and space usage for future issues. AdPro’s powerful ad-tracking flow means better intra-office communication and fewer mistakes.

Display Ad Entry Screen
Ad Entry Screen
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Classified Ad Management
AdPro uses the same interface and reports for classified ads as display ads. Choose from a wide variety of formatting options for your classifieds. Use the onscreen spell checker and proofing report to make sure all classifieds contain correct and proper information.

Move Classified Ad-taking to the Web
AdPro allows customers to place classified ads online. Let customers place their own ads (for print and online), view their ads in real time, upsell themselves, and edit previous ads 24/7. The customer information, classified ad, and payment information fully integrates with your AdPro database so you don’t have to duplicate any of that work. Not only will you save money in personnel costs, but you also won’t have to pay a percentage of each transaction to a third-party classified company.

Full Accounts Receivable
Take control of your receivables. AdPro provides an A/R Aging report, a Collections report, credit limits, finance charges, and a powerful ads-on-hold feature to help you keep your receivables low. You can send prepayment bills before the ads run, or invoices and statements after the ads run.

Sales Calling, Credit Calling, and Sales Management (CRM)
Give your sales reps and credit reps the tools they need to be successful. Your reps will use AdPro to schedule calls and follow-up actions, as well as enter notes for each call. New reps will benefit from the call histories entered by former reps. Keep tabs on your reps’ calls by using AdPro’s management reports. You can also email PDFs of invoices or statements to customers, or send bulk email campaigns to customers and prospects.

AdPro Works With External GL Systems
Newspapers have used AdPro in conjunction with QuickBooks, Great Plains, Peachtree, and other systems. If you are a student newspaper AdPro can work with your university's internal general ledger system.

AdPro Integrates Smoothly With Dummying Software

Automatically flow your ads into the design program of your choice. You can export directly to QuarkXPress 7 or InDesign CS3. For greater layout control and speed, you can export to AdForce and ClassForce dummying programs.

Easy For New Staff

AdPro is Built to Handle Staff Turnover
New staff members are central to the design of AdPro. For student newspapers especially, incorporating new people is an ongoing concern because students work at college newspapers for just a few years. So we’ve made AdPro extremely simple to use. The flow of steps for entering ads is clear, and usually takes less than ten minutes to learn.

Total Control
With AdPro, you control what your staff sees in the system. AdPro has a fine-tuned set of permissions so users can see and do only what they should.

A Full Line of Reports
Marketing, analysis, and projections have never been easier. AdPro’s powerful reports allow you to target customers by industry, zip codes, who runs the most inches, who spent the most, customer type, what a customer has scheduled, and many more variables. You can also compare a customer’s current-year activity with previous years.

Summary Statistics Report
Summary Statistics Report
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Rates, Commissions, and Contracts
AdPro comes equipped with a powerful rate and commission calculator. If you can come up with a rate, AdPro can probably calculate it. That means you don’t have to worry about ads getting priced incorrectly or your reps being compensated wrong. AdPro also allows your rates to be used toward volume contracts, bulk contracts, or earned rates, for whatever time period you need. Every statement shows your customers the contract status so they always know how close they are to fulfilling their contracts.

Commission Report
You'll no longer need to spend hours calculating commissions by hand. Enter a date range and click a button. You'll know exactly what you owe your reps in seconds.

Fast, Reliable, & Flexible

Speed and Security
AdPro runs on an Oracle database. That means it runs fast and secure, no matter how many users are logged in, even at deadline and when printing statements. Also, AdPro is written in Java, which is more secure than other programming languages, according to a report in Software Development Times.

Runs on Multiple Platforms and Operating Systems
Are you using Macs? PCs? No problem. Our license agreement allows you to install AdPro on Macs, PCs, or both. And you can move your licenses across platforms if you switch hardware. Your AdPro database can run on Mac servers, Linux servers, or Windows servers.

Remote Access to Your Database
Use AdPro from anywhere you have an Internet connection. Put your nerves at ease when you are home at night, or at a conference, and wondering whether something got done back at the office.

Flexibly Priced

Scalability: Two to hundreds of Concurrent Users
AdPro can handle the demands of your network regardless of size. The standard version of AdPro allows hundreds of concurrent users. The hosted (SaaS) version is better suited for three to 15 users. AdPro Mini is a 2-user, hosted version ideal for tracking display ads and receivables at small newspapers.

Support & Service

Our Customer Support Promise
Nobody will give you better customer support than we will. Period. And you won’t get stuck in a phone tree when you call us. We are happy to give you names of AdPro customers so you can ask them about our unmatched level of service.

What our Annual Support Covers
We offer a comprehensive annual support agreement that includes training, technical support, and all upgrades during that year. The support and upgrade policy covers all the software you license from us on your agreement, including third-party software. We cover the Oracle database, AdPro on the desktop computers, assistance with the backup and firewall on the servers (for Mac and Linux servers), and also ClassForce, AdForce, XTags and support to either Quark XPress or InDesign, as they relate to AdPro. Although annual support is optional, 100 percent of our customers pay for annual support because they find it so valuable.

Free User-Group Meetings
We offer user-group meetings twice a year in conjunction with major conferences to get your input and share information about upcoming features. The meetings are free for all supported customers and provide an excellent way to meet other users from around the country who may confront similar issues.

Additional Resources
The Eclipse website has a Customer Resources page with a wealth of useful information, such as: frequently asked questions, alerts, work in progress, documentation, and more. We also provide an email list, periodic newsletters, and surveys to communicate frequently with our customers.

For More Information

For more information or to schedule a demo, please contact us via email at sales at eclipseservices dot com, or by phone at 484-462-4300. Thank you!
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