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AdForce and ClassForce Layout Software

The best way to get ads from AdPro onto your Quark or InDesign pages is to use intermediary software designed specifically for dummying your paper. Use AdForce for dummying display ads and ClassForce for dummying classified ads.

Starting the dummy layout is as easy as exporting ads from AdPro and then importing them into AdForce and ClassForce.

AdPro's Export Line Ads Dialog Box
Liner Export


Because AdPro integrates seamlessly with AdForce, when you import your ads into AdForce all the ad information, such as ad number, size, color, position request, file location, etc. gets imported too. Although you can select all the ads and have them automatically flow onto the dummy pages at the click of a button, you can also sort the ads first by ad information and then place the ads as groups. So you can place all your guaranteed placement ads first, then your color ads, followed by other groups, such as ads in a particular market.

Moving one ad or many ads between pages or between the runsheet and a page is as simple as dragging and dropping. AdForce places the ads on the page according to the layout gravity you specify. And because each ad type has its own color, you can visually make sure your house ads get spread among your paid ads.

If you've ever dummied a newspaper by hand, you'll be amazed at the fraction of the time it takes to dummy a newspaper with AdForce. Once you've got all the ads where you want them on the pages, simply save the AdForce file and then open the same file in InDesign or Quark. All your ads will flow in automatically exactly where you want them, in correct sizes, ready for you to flow news copy and photos around them.

AdForce Pagination Screenshot
Ad Entry Screen
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When you flow classified line ads onto the ClassForce page, ClassForce recognizes the ad classification and automatically places the appropriate headers at the beginning of each classification and at the top of each row. You can flow one classification at a time, several classifications together, or all classifications at once.

You can flow your class display ads first, then flow your line ads around them. Once all your ads are on the dummy page you can justify your ads at the click of a button. When justifying the ads, ClassForce can fill gaps with fill ads. The ads can either be new or ones you've already created for this purpose.

After your ads are justified you can insert line rules between the ads with another click of a button.

As with AdForce, once you've saved the ClassForce file, simply open the file in Quark or InDesign and watch all your ads automatically flow in, complete with headings, justification, and line rules. All you'll need to do is update the folios and send the PDF pages to your printer.  

ClassForce Pagination Screenshot
ClassForce Pagination Screen
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For More Information

We sell and support AdForce and ClassForce in addition to, or separate from AdPro. For newspapers affiliated with colleges and universities we offer educational discounts.

For more information or to schedule a demo, please contact us via email at sales at eclipseservices dot com, or by phone at 484-462-4300. Thank you!

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