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What Our Customers Are Saying About AdPro

"Eclipse is so responsive. When my new staff member needed help with AdPro, I suggested she use the built-in email form to get it. She doubted you'd respond, because most software companies don't in a timely manner. But you did, immediately. It's unusual to find a software company that really responds to your questions and problems, and quickly."
Melissa, Publisher, Daily Sundial

"In my experience with Eclipse support I have always found them to be reliable, prompt, skilled, and courteous.  For example, I recently encountered a problem trying to update an Adpro security certificate.  I immediately called upon Eclipse support.  Without delay, they jumped in and found a quick resolution for me.  This was critical because I was already working on another serious failure in our data center.  Without Victor, I would have been sunk.  Many thanks to the Eclipse support team!"
John Geesling, Enterprise Security Analyst, Texas Tech University

"There is absolutely no sign, actual or perceived, of speed degradation when our office is at its busiest. Most other apps or databases will show signs that they're being stressed with that many users working, but AdPro does not. And we're running it on a pretty low-end Power Mac G5 server."
Eric Jacobs, General Manager, Daily Pennsylvanian

"The installation was painless."
Chris Richert, General Manager, Columbia Chronicle

"Your company is one of the few where we still get fast and accurate support every time."
Robert Taylor, Assistant Systems Manager, Florida Today

"Wow! The smaller statements are awesome. You guys are great!!!"
Kim, Accountant, State Press

"I LOVE you guys! We never got this kind of service with our old partner. Since we have started with AdPro we have already had more communication in 3 months than we did in 4 years with the old software vendor—that is a good thing!"
Brad Arendt, General Manager, The Arbiter

"We are really impressed with how robust AdPro is, and how smoothly it runs. Of all the other programs and people I've talked to, your company is the best at answering questions, training, and making sure the system functions as it should."
Pat McHale, Production Manager, The Exchange

"AdPro is so easy to use. I love that someone always answers the phone when I call for support."
Jackie, Classifieds Manager, Yale Alumni Magazine

"With AdPro, I'm doing things now that I could never do before, such as tracking my reps' sales goals. I'm your best friend down here in Florida."
Diane, Publisher, Community News Publications

"You all have a wonderful product and excellent customer service!"
Fred Eaker, Systems Administrator, The Technician

"We love the PayPal feature. That is the best thing ever. It is so much easier entering the payment through AdPro than having to deal with our credit card terminal anymore." (after implementing AdPro's automatic credit card processing)
Dawn, Advertising Manager, Daily Toreador

"I’ve been working with the upgrade and I want to thank you for some of the changes. I especially like the auto apply button on the payment screen. That feature alone is saving me a tremendous amount of time. I also appreciate the new payment button at the bottom of the find customer screen. Add to those changes the improved instruction manual and there is no doubt all of you have been working hard to make all of your customers happy."
Jackie, Advertising Sales Adviser, Kansas State Collegian

"I think AdPro is just fabulous. I always tell people how great you guys are to work with. [On a satisfaction scale of 1-10] I've always been a 10."
Susan, Former General Manager, Yale Daily News

"Our revenues this year are up and the demands on my time are down. It must be due to AdPro because that's the only thing that has changed around here. My part-time assistant left two months ago because there wasn't enough for her to do, and I'm not planning on replacing her. I told my boss if he ever buys a new software program I'm quitting. We're staying with AdPro."
Patty, Accountant, The Daily Kansan

"The financial side of AdPro has really made my life simpler. It has also made my staff more disciplined in getting ads in."
Robert Sage, Business Manager, The Daily Titan

"I did payroll for the sales reps yesterday, helping [our accountant] out. She used to stay until 9 pm figuring out their commissions every other Thursday. Thanks to Keith for putting our commission structure into AdPro, and to Victor or Rob or whoever wrote this into AdPro, for saving us hours of work."
Faith, Business Manager, Arizona Daily Wildcat

"We never entered our classified section into the state competition before because we didn't think it was good enough. Since we started working with AdPro, this year we entered and won first place. We also won at a national level, winning 3rd place at CNBAM."
Dar Beachy, Former Business Adviser, Daily Vidette

"AdPro 4 balances to my university GL and I'm as happy as a clam."
Susan, Business Manager, Indiana Daily Student

"I'm completely spoiled. I don't even have to think about what an ad costs when I enter it, it just always comes out right."
Daven, Advertising Coordinator, Daily Lobo

"One of the great things about AdPro is how small the company is. You have instant access to the staff. They're so willing to bend over backwards to help you."
Deanna, Accountant, Daily Utah Chronicle

"Thanks to AdPro we will be in the black for the first time since I have been the director. The other years, we have broken even."
Bob Bajackson, Director, University Star

"This last issue we had a record for our most line ad quantity and highest line ad income ever! Over 1/3 of the total ads came from online." (after installing AdPro Online)
Brian Linden, Former Co-Publisher, The Central Florida Future and Seminole Chronicle

"I love it. It's so intuitive. [My predecessor] showed me the way around it a little, but honestly, it's just so easy to use that I really haven't had many questions."
Andrea, Former Office Manager, The Utah Statesman

"I love it. I would never go back to our old system."
Carolyn, Accountant, Daily Lobo

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